Some “Must-Have” Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy comes with its excitement as well as apprehensions. A woman is filled with dread about the imminent loss of her figure as well as her stylish dresses. Pictures of frumpy, ugly tent-like clothing start floating in the mind creating havoc with already crazy hormones. But, there is nothing to worry. Pregnant women these days can look super sexy and confident in stylish maternity clothes. There is a great variety out there that not only looks good but is super comfortable as well. In fact, you might be surprised at the comfort and the fit of these clothes.

When you go about getting yourself a maternity wardrobe, budget is certainly of concern to you. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for clothes that you might only wear for a few months. Hence, it is important to buy prudently. Here are some must-have maternity wear that you need to buy:

Maternity inner wear: You will need to buy larger size bras and panties right away. The emphasis has to be on comfort and maximum support. Buy cotton inner wear to allow your skin to breathe. When buying bras, buy larger cup sizes and choose thicker straps for more support. Avoid under wires. Also, you may invest in nursing bras in the last trimester if you intend to nurse. They are roomy and very comfortable and allow you to grow in sizes. Sports bras are also a good choice as they offer complete support which is pretty much needed as the breasts grow larger and get sore. You may consider camisoles that have built in bras. They work well under tops or dresses especially on those hot days.

Tunic tops and shirts: Tunic tops are longer and help cover your tummy and hip area. Buy a nice one that you can pair with leggings or jeans. Stretch ones that allow you more space to grow are preferred. Shirts are a really comfortable option that is roomy yet feminine. You can even dig into your partner’s wardrobe and pick out some nice ones. Team those with jeans or trousers to feel confident and look good yet stay comfortable.

English: An example of the Scotland Wrap Dress...

English: An example of the Scotland Wrap Dress by Elizabeth McKay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wrap dress and skirts: Wrap dresses are easy to wear and are really convenient to slip in and out of. Skirts that have a nice flexible waistband look elegant and feminine. They stretch with changing size to allow room for the burgeoning tummy.

Jacket, cardigan, stole: These are garments that can add a touch of glamor to any ensemble. Buy a nice one to go over your dresses or tops. Team it for many different looks.

Leggings: These make your legs look slimmer. They go well with long tops or tunics. They also help reduce swelling and varicose veins that one is susceptible to during pregnancy.

Trousers and Jeans: Possibly the most versatile, just a pair of nice maternity jeans and trousers can be paired with multiple tops, shirts etc. Buy a good quality one with nice, elastic waistband in the tummy area. They will last you really long and can be worn comfortably during nursing as well.

Buying maternity clothes can be a daunting task. Make sure you have the must-haves in your wardrobe to sail you through the pregnancy glamorously. Look for good maternity stores to buy from.


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